Winter Bargains

Happy days friends! My shopping ban is over, woohoo! (Let’s ignore the groan from my other half…)

The end of my ban as come at a great time End of Financial Year (EOFY) sales! Yes! My hubby & wallet can’t dispute I love a bargain. I’ll share a secret with you. I rarely pay full price (if I do it has to be pretty darn spectacular!) and I hunt for the lowest price. Always. I’m ruthless on a computer. My touch typing skills are at their best when filtering through Google searches for that “must have item” at the elusive price I want. You know you have mad online shopping skills when friends actually ask you to find such & such item for them, rather than look themselves. Because really why pay full price when I could get this AND that for the same amount of moola! Some may say it’s stingy, however I say it’s smart.  And you know what? I am pretty proud of my ruthless shopping persona.

With the ban over I feel it is only appropriate to talk about my fashion favs for winter, but also my loathes – even when the cold descends there are some big no-no’s walking the streets! Also because I love a bargain (and I’m sure you do too, who doesn’t?!) I will include where I am looking to buy my winter favourites. PS you can thank me later.

However let’s get the bad news out of the way first. Dun, dun duuuuun! The (short) list of loathing.

Leggings… As Pants

Sometimes I wonder if people own a mirror, and if they do why do they not look in that mirror before leaving the house. Many a legging faux pas could have been avoided. We’ve all been there – walking behind some young girl in the street and then the sunlight hits her. It’s like I have suddenly developed x-ray vision. No, it’s not me suddenly evolving into an X-men (I’d want to be Mystique anyway) but those cheap quality leggings (not mentioning any names… Supre… cough cough) that seemed like such a good idea in the dark of your bedroom. It’s not pretty but I become judgemental and offended when your lacy fluoro green g-string can be seen in clear detail through the sheerness of your leggings. I can’t help it. I try to be understanding, really I do, but honestly see through skin tight pants are not sexy, neither is seeing your bum on display. Word to the wise – if you want to wear leggings as pants, don’t! And if you really must? Put on the light in your bedroom/bathroom, even a lamp too for good measure. Now bend over and look! Look hard! Can you see your flesh? Can you see your undies? Yes? Go change, end of story. Nobody wants that image burned in their brain. Save it for your boyfriend (or future boyfriend). He’ll appreciate the fluoro lace – but the stranger behind you in the street trying to enjoy her morning skinny cap? Not so much.

UGG Boots & Denim Shorts

Don’t get me wrong I love my UGGs (I’m an Aussie after all) and they are appropriate in freezing temperatures. But it’s how these fluffy as a cloud boots are styled that get to me. If it’s cold enough to justify wearing lambskin & wool then it definitely isn’t warm enough to wear them with teeny tiny denim shorts. And more often than not this stylish due is accompanied with a Michelin Man jacket and oversized beanie. Does that beanie honestly make up for having your entire legs on display? Over the knee boots? Sure, legs are covered and it looks classy. But short UGGs? Not so much. It’s times like these I feel like I am turning into my Dad. Just put those denim shorts away for Summer (it’ll be back, I promise) and put on some pants! What’s wrong with wearing fitted jeans instead? They’ll still show the shape of your legs, but now you won’t look out of proportion. It’s like the clothing equivalent of a mullet – all poofy wintery on top & cold nakedness below. And nobody (nobody) wants to be a walking equivalent of a mullet! Just whatever you do don’t swap those shorts for leggings (if you have, see above).

Ok, so now that’s over !and we all understand that I appreciate a good pair of pants) what are my lust have items for this winter?



Bright Knit

Just because it’s dark & stormy outside, doesn’t mean you should make Maleficent your muse 24/7 for the next 3 months. (Although rocking her red lipstick is an entirely different story!) There is something to be said about strutting a “put your sunglasses on” bright colour when everyone else is dressed in drab darks. Not only is it eye catching (duh) but a bright colour is scientifically proven to enhance positive moods – true story, just ask any scientist… But seriously how can you feel down in a puddle when you are wearing such a happy colour? My pick is either a highlighter pink or citrus yellow just like Grab Denim’s current Sorbet Lime jumper. At the time of this post I purchased this jumper for at Myer for 40% off (worn above). Win!

Pink Coat

The pink coat is big this winter, there’s no denying it and I am on board for this style train. Wrapped in soft as cotton candy, pastel pink? Oh yeah! But I would team it with leather leggings or black skinnies and an oversized tee to stop it looking like an outfit your mum put you in when you were 5 – no one wants to relive those fashion days! The coat on my list is the Graphica Coat in Pink at Beginning Boutique.


Image sourced from Lack of Colour

Felt Fedora

I know I am currently rocking that “I woke up like this” (not really) messy hair, but even strategic messy hair can’t withstand a downpour – unless it’s the messy, straggly wild woman look I’m shooting for. And for those that live in Perth you understand: it can rain 1 second and be bright sun, cloudless sky the next making dressing particularly difficult in winter. Solving all my problems is a felt fedora – strategic messy hair is saved and so are my eyes when the sun comes a-shinin’. The one I am lusting over in particular is the Montana in Nightfall by Lack of Colour (shown above). If you have any thoughts of looking like Indiana Jones or your Grandpa, think again. Choose one in a stunning colour like navy (navy is the new black afterall) or red and you’ll see that not only can a fedora look sophisticated but it does so with little effort while hiding dirty hair (hello extra sleep!)

Midi Swing Skirt

Continuing with the sophisticated trend I have a deep love for midi length full swingy skirts. I own several (scuba in white, black x 2, pleated pink…) and they served me well in summer (thanks to cricket dress standards…) I love the girly feeling of wearing one (cue twirling) but what about the cold wind & rain. I know sometimes fashion can hurt but nobody (myself included) wants to spend the next week in bed sick – no matter how fabulous you looked darling! But by choosing one in a material such as a thick scuba it will keep you warmer (like the Atmos & Here midi skirt) and teamed with a fluffy cuddle me knit (ahem, see above..) and stomping boots it can definitely be winter ready.

Leopard… Anything Leopard

I have to admit, I’m a little obsessed with leopard – you know you are when your husband groans “Seriously, more leopard print?” when you pull out a t-shirt for his approval. But there is just something about this old school print that I can’t go past, literally. Shoes, t-shirts, skirts, jackets and even jeans catch up my eye and at times land in my wardrobe… Whoops! But leopard is the new neutral – didn’t you know? It goes with everything. Everything. Luckily leopard is having a moment (or unluckily for hubby’s tastes). But don’t mistake those nasty nineties leopard for the leopard out there today, today it’s more Beyoncé and less Scary Spice. In black and white, classic brown and black or even bright yellow & blue – there is a leopard print out there to suit any occasion or mood I may have. My bargain pick is leopard slip on plimsolls by Therapy shoes. Worn with blue skinnies, rolled at the ankle & a white tee they give a casual rocker feel that I love. Classic!

Phew! After all that hopefully my favourite picks won’t now be sold out by the time I turn lust into must… and I haven’t offended any legging wearers out there. If I did, sorry but I hope you now put that mirror to use. Just saying…

So until next week… Rugging up and staying warm – in style of course
– JB xx

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