Why you should see your gym wardrobe as an investment

Too often I have heard people exclaim “Why should I pay lots of money for gym clothing when I’m only going to sweat in it?” And sure I agree with you, yes you should be sweating in your gym gear (I really hope you do!) and true, you shouldn’t have to pay the world for Lycra. But at some point you need to forget the prices and invest in good quality pieces even for the “lowly” gym, and unfortunately sometimes (not always, but at times) good quality can mean paying a little extra moola.

However I have the opinion we need to change our thinking when it comes to our gym-robe. Before Lorna Jane, Stylerunner & Lulu Lemon it was old fleece, baggy shirts and a whole lot of grey – no wonder fluro and cut out singlets have been flying off the hangers and into our wardrobes! We shouldn’t see exercise as a last resort, something you HAVE to do or a time that transforms us into red faced tomatoes (though I will always be that person!) Exercise isn’t a chore, it’s that one time that you can set aside for yourself where you can shut out the demands of work, put on some cranking tunes & beautify your whole body (just looking at fitspiration pictures on Instagram will NOT get you that bikini body!) Plus while you may feel guilty taking time out of your busy schedule for a mani-pedi it’s impossible to feel guilty after exercising, the endorphins won’t let you!

So while exercising is an investment in time for you & your health, let’s be honest, you aren’t going to want to go to your boot camp/yoga/PT session if you’re looking like Bridget Jones in the opening credits… Leave those sweats at home for nights on the couch, only!

If you look good you feel good, and if you’re feeling good from long hours of burning muscles then you want to see your hard work (literally) paying off! You won’t see your new calf tone in baggy greys so now is the time to show it off in some new shorts or tights!  It’s just like buying a new dress or pair of heels, you can’t wait to pull it out from the bag, put it on and show off how you look, and girl you look fiiiiine! New gym gear is same, if you like the way it looks you’ll want to wear it which means hitting the treadmill or yoga mat, and that means the hard part of just showing up is now done! There is no shame in rocking your personal style at boot camp just as much as you do on the street. Looking good both on the inside and on the outside (and I’m not just referring to those gun-like biceps!) Now how can you beat that?!

Not converted to my way of thinking yet? I’m going to bring up one final point, QUALITY! It’s a point I’ve made in a previous post about leggings, and Lycra workout tights can have the same problems. Nobody (your yoga buddy included) wants to see bare bum through (literally) your translucent tights. If you’re squatting you are working that Lycra as hard as you are and honestly, you are working HARD! Good quality Lycra is going to hold up to your squats and sprints while staying perfectly opaque. Plus thick Lycra won’t advertise to the gym just how hard you are working, yep I am talking sweat! Quality won’t show quantity, if you know what I mean… Unfortunately Lycra is like leather, you pay for what you get, which can mean dishing out a little extra from your wallet. However if you can justify paying for better quality, you’ll never go back. You and your yoga buddy will be thanking me during the downward dog!

So want to look stylin’ for your next exercise session? My favourite gym picks right now:

Asana Oversize Tee  (in white): $25.00 Aus


The Upside Prana Pant Metal: $119.95 Aus (currently on sale)


Stylerunner Body Science Lux Tight: $120.00 Aus


Lorna Jane Ella Bra: $65.99 Aus

2014 0701 Lorna Jane Ella Bra Watermelon


Gym is calling,
JB xx

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