Wholesome Smoothie Bowls at Feed Box Market

Everyone in Perth knows that majority of the local markets run on a Sunday, but if you have only been sticking to this theory you are missing out on the Feed Box Market. They are located at Scarborough Beach (could you get a more idyllic setting?!) every Saturday morning and include fresh food stalls, local art and even an entertainment precinct, along with numerous breakfast/brunch options for those with the munchies or wanting a breakfast to take on the go on the way to the surf.

And I loooove a good breakfast, ok let’s be honest I just love food – good food! If you follow on Instagram (if you don’t shame on you, and -cough cough- click here to do so…) you would notice that foodie pics feature every 3 or 4 photos so it would be really no surprise that I get excited about anything new to it the Perth foodie scene.

And as of this Saturday (March 7th) Hayley and Em’s Wholefood Kitchen hits Feed Box for the very first time. Hayley and Em’s Wholefood Kitchen specialises in nourishing smoothie bowls. Their philosophy is pretty simple: “Healthy living, healthy lifestyle, healthy food.” (Can tell they are passionate about health?)

Hayley and Em’s is run by (no shocker here) two young local ladies – Hayley and Em. Hayley studied at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN) and graduated in 2014. Em previously studied Exercise and Health Science and is currently studying at IIN (to graduate later this year). Therefore it really is no surprise that these ladies know what it means to live a healthy lifestyle.


Em (of Hayley and Em’s) with her own smoothie bowl

They believe that health should be a number one priority and to do this it means feeding your body with nourishing wholefoods. However at times creating quick, easy and nourishing meals can seem quite daunting especially first thing in the morning before the first cup of coffee gets the brain whirring. But luckily Hayley and Em have us Perthians covered every Saturday morning. Their smoothie bowls are also easy on the wallet (whoop whoop!)

Hayley and Em offer 3 smoothie bowl options: “Get Your Greens”, “Chocoholic” and “Acai Berry”. Every smoothie bowl also includes your choice of 4 toppings (ranging from nuts, seeds, chia, No Toast granola or various fresh fruits. You can even add protein.

So what makes these smoothie so good you just have to get out of bed and your booty to Scab Beach? They are packed full of healthy ingredients (you definitely won’t go hungry) and are insanely nourishing to your body – all fruit, vegetables and milk used in Hayley and Em’s smoothie bowls are organic (yay for no nasty pesticides), contain high antioxidant ingredients and include at least 1 serving of greens (2 if you go for the “Get Your Greens” bowl). But better than that they taste pretty damn delicious. My favourite? The Acai Berry bowl (pictured here with toppings of coconut, chia and goji berries) That is one fine looking smoothie bowl!  YUM!

FullSizeRender (3)

Hayley and Em’s delish Acai Berry Bowl

Believe me you have to try them! Head on down to Feed Box Market (The Esplanade, Scarborough Beach) from 8am to 1pm this Saturday to get your hands on one – if you can beat me to it first though!


JB xx

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