TPFF 2017: New Generation Runway

The best of the best of fresh graduates showcased their second collection at the New Generation Runway.

The runway featured designers Adellen, P’Junk, Matangi, Sarah Hope Schofield, Victoria Bliss, It’s Bronte and Goblin Fruit.

Every New Generation designer pushed the boundaries and showcased looks that may not have always been wearable but definitely made an impact. The New Generation was one of the best runways of the week so far.


  • Sarah Hope Schofield’s canary yellow dress – you just couldn’t go past it.
  • Matangi’s dreamy sheer gowns teamed with sports luxe booties.
  • Adellen’s all pink everything (especially the biker jacket with oversized fringing).
  • It’s Bronte hyper colourful collection was a fun and lighthearted runway bringing a fresh take to sheer dresses.
  • Goblin Fruit look vintage cuts to the a modern level with luxe fabrics and pom pom embellishments.











All Images: Stefan Gosatti


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