The start

The last 18 months has been tumultuous & brought enough ups & downs to keep me on my toes. To put it simply:

  • I quit my job of several years because I was sick of sacrificing my home life & relationships for money
  • I started another uni degree
  • I was in the midst of planning a wedding to my fiancé
  • My soon to be husband is lucky enough to be a professional athlete so I was being the main support on & off the field
  • I finished my post grad degree
  • December saw me turn 25 (hello, mid way to 50!)
  • And (finally!) I married the love of my life (clichéd but true)

Phew! When all the dust had settled, I lifted my head to realise that I hadn’t planned anything beyond the honeymoon – something which is so unlike the usual step-by-step planner I am. Where had all that time gone? And what the heck was I supposed to do now?!

Here I was without any concrete plans for the future, let alone the present. My now husband, however had plenty: he was going to live in Brisbane for 3, maybe 4 months for off season training and then he would be back in the full swing of another cricket season. Life was on the up & up for him, and after seeing all the struggles he had gone through during the start of his career I couldn’t be more excited. But it was his excitement for what this year and the following held that only enhanced my feelings of being lost. Why couldn’t I be doing something I loved too? Why should I take meaningless jobs or crappy ones I didn’t love just to make a couple of hundred? Would those crappy jobs actually lead me to one I loved? Hence started the constant questions, confusion and seeking of something more.

So what jobs were on offer for a newly graduated Exercise Physiologist? Well I could sit behind a desk and push papers for an insurance company… For someone that enjoys and lives for exercise this was as close to a death sentence as you could get. I got fidgety just thinking about it. Plus the fact of 9-5, 5 days a week didn’t sit well with me either – how would I get to see my new hubby if I was stuck in Perth and he was in Brisbane? To me, that is not the way to kick off a great marriage.

With so many unanswered questions in the air, it was decided I would follow Hubby to Brisbane, at least that way one priority would be sorted – us & our marriage.

When the dreaded question “What will you be doing for a job now?”  popped up with family & friends and my answer was “Not sure, blah blah blah, it’s going to be hard with Hubby away, blah blah blah, we have decided I will go back and forth between Brisbane & Perth for the next few months…”  The response was always the same: “You are such a WAG!” followed by amused laughing from my friends and the expected eye roll from my dad.

Now it’s not the word WAG that gets to me, it’s what it implies – the wife or girlfriend of a professional athlete that lives for being famous by doing nothing but sitting pretty in the crowd. I don’t want that, I want my own achievements, my own life in some aspect and a job I love. The constant referral of WAG only enhanced my feelings of being adrift without a goal.

While sitting in the apartment in Brisbane I had an epiphany – if I couldn’t find that dream job yet then I needed satisfaction through a hobby I loved. So the next question, what do I love? I’ve already mentioned fitness – so much that I have based my education and career (so far) in exercise physiology. But there is more to me than that, with fitness comes food and living a healthy lifestyle, I put just as much interest into what goes in my body as what I put out (though I won’t say no to a glass of wine!). I also love fashion to the point where the word addict is synonymous with me. I know many people say that, but I’m not even joking. I’m currently on a ban, a hiatus from purchasing anything clothing wise – including shoes & accessories (yes I checked!) for a month! A whole 30 days! And it is killing me! Thank you Hubby…

But getting back on track, I am one of those typical 20-something girls. Good food? Tick. Fashion? Tick. Fitness? Tick. It’s love. How could I combine all my favourite F words, plus just express my view or share my experiences? It was simple  – a blog. Somewhere where I could explore the things I love and satisfy the need to be doing something more. Plus maybe (hopefully) help other like minded people.

But what makes this blog different from other “lifestyle” blogs? Basically to put it bluntly – me. How I view the world, my opinions and what I love. I won’t hold back – I will share experiences I am currently going through (just like I am on this post) plus anything that I love or gives me inspiration.

So hopefully you will stick with me through my journey to to see where this blog goes.

Until next time…

JB xx

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