The Kayla Itsines Movement

If you haven’t heard of Kayla Itsines (that’s It-seen-ess) then you have been living in a social media wasteland. Kayla Itsines has redefined high intensity training through her 12 week Bikini Body Guides (or BBG if you are in the know!) The difference between Kayla’s guides and other “fad” exercise movements? Kayla’s BBG really works – it’s based on HIIT principles which are proven to get you stronger, leaner and fitter fast. Plus you only have to scroll through her Instagram page to see the hundreds of transformation pictures to know it really does work. However Kayla’s guides are also practical – anyone can do it, it uses bodyweight exercises (that means little to no equipment or a gym needed) and her nutrition guide doesn’t force you to cut out any food groups (aka it’s based on actual nutritional info and is not another foodie fad). Kayla is real and BBG is all about a lifestyle change to better you, for life – not just for 12 weeks.

It is for these exact reasons that Kayla & BBG have really taken off in the last year, almost in a cult like fashion – after all good news travels fast! And so the Kayla Movement began.

Therefore it is no wonder that when Kayla went country wide to run free bootcamps the Kayla Army went nuts, and Perth (the last on the tour) was no exception. Imagine several hundred girls packed into Sir James Mitchell Park on the South Perth foreshore. Now imagine these several hundred girls jumping, dancing and screaming as if they were at a musical festival (all before the bootcamp kicked off). The good vibes were definitely in free flow this morning thanks to radio station 92.9’s Heidi, Will & Woody providing the jams and a their own (questionable) dance moves. (Although I must admit, I felt like I needed a second cup of coffee to dance like no one is watching in a public park at 7.30am….)

At 8.30am sharp the girl of the moment Kayla kicked off a half hour crazy-intense bootcamp. There was a lot of high intensity exercises, think mountain climber, squat jumps, jumping lunges… and I quickly started to seriously regret my heavy legs session yesterday! Kayla pushed us hard and if you have done her guides you wouldn’t have been surprised to hear that (no pain, no gain after all!) The bootcamp involved different circuits such as 3 rounds of a high intensity exercise followed by core/abdominal exercise – such as mountain climbers followed by bicycle crunches x 3. We also finished with 5 minutes of straight continuous exercise, with the exercises changing every 30 seconds… phew!

FullSizeRender (9)

Honestly, it was a great bootcamp. Kayla was so enthusiastic that I wanted to hate her, but by the end of the 30 minutes I was sweaty and had worked hard. My muscles ached (in the good way) and Kayla had earned my love back.

If (fingers crossed) Kayla comes back to Perth for another bootcamp, definitely join her army and go, you (and your body) won’t regret it. Until then you can always check out Kayla’s guides on her website


JB xx

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