Telstra Perth Fashion Festival 2015 Closing Night: Steph Audino & Ae’lkemi

Closing night for TPFF 2015 kicked off with a bang with Steph Audino and Ae’lkemi combining their stunning designs into one runway show. It really is no surprise that the Steph Audino & Ae’lkemi show was a sell out with both designers having their own cult following and are the two “go to’s” for Perth women when dressing for a special night out or looking for a red carpet gown.

The show kicked off with Steph Audino and the FROW were treated to monochrome evening wear followed by standout gowns in vibrant fuchsia pink. Ae’lkemi also showed favouritism for classic white and black, however the man behind Ae’lkemi, Alvin Fernandez, chose a deep ruby red as his showcase colour.

Both Alvin’s and Steph’s designs are are made to make women feel sexy and confident and tonight’s designs from both designers definitely celebrated feminine and fierce women. Sheer floaty fabrics, sparkling embellishment and lace applique featured heavily for both designers to create bold, luxe looks.

Both designers made it clear that if there is one thing you’ll continue to wear this Spring and Summer is the cape – whether it is has strong, structured shoulders or a dreamy, floaty design anything goes!

The jumpsuit will also be acceptable evening and formal attire come this festive season, especially with tailored pants and stand out sheer panels, like those from Steph Audino, or embellished with beading and cut into plunging necklines a’la Ae’lkemi.

Both Steph Audino and Ae’lkemi and audiences mesmerised and enthralled during the show, with both Steph and Alvin receiving a standing ovations.

I can say with confidence that the Steph Audino & Ae’lkemi runway was a stand out for TPFF 2015  and I am sure Perth women are now finding any excuse to go out and purchase their very own stunning Steph Audino or Ae’lkemi gown!

Congrats Steph and Alvin I loved every second of your runway show (and may have my eye on a design or two or my own upcoming events!)

Steph Audino:




JB xx

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