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If you don’t live in Perth or you missed today’s Sunday Times paper then you would have missed me and my rad banana shirt featured on page 27. (See above in case you did!) During the week I was stopped by The Sunday Times while shopping (surprise surprise!) down Oxford Street in Leederville. Why? To see if I support and shop at local businesses. Luckily for them I do and had literally just contributed to said cause by purchasing a whole bag full of goodies (not just for me, I swear!) at Urban Depot.

Shopping and buying local is a topic that is important to me and should be to you too. Don’t get me wrong, online shopping has its place in our world. It’s a great way to find unusual and unique items or Designers that you can’t source yourself in your home town. However if you are buying items that you could purchase at your local boutiques then yes, that is a little wrong. You are basically cheating the system.

Spending money in our community is in turn helping our community. It’s helping to keep Aussies like us thriving in their own hard worked and hard earned businesses. We work hard to keep our own careers and ambitions alive, just like the local small business owners that surround us. So it’s about time we start supporting them.

But it’s more than just keeping our money within our own city & country too. By shopping local you can see the product first hand and know exactly what you are getting. When you shop online you put all your trust in a carefully directed photo (that will also be edited) & little blurb written by someone in a 4 x 4 office who may not have even seen said garment. But when you go local you can tell whether that leather jacket is truly leather and not faux leather because you missed the size 8 print at the bottom of that page that says *faux leather.  You can see the fabric quality, the stitching (is that bodycon dress truly can to suck and hold you in without ripping at the seams on the first outing?) and of course the fit. There is nothing worse than waiting (impatiently) for 5-7 business days for that “perfect” LBD only to find it’s not so perfect after all as that size 10 is actually a size 6 and in no way will cover your luscious booty.

By shopping local you can also make actually face to face human connections. Yes there are actually live in the flesh people that can answer your queries to your face and not by “Hi my name is John” (probably not actually named John) on the 24/7 chat support. Shocker I know… But by visiting my local boutiques I have formed some great friendships with actual good, down to earth people that get me and my style. And you know what? There are perks in forming relationships too (there is something pretty special in getting a message from my local favourites with new arrivals that would suit me or compliment my wardrobe). A little VIP treatment is always nice!

Fact: for every dollar we spend on local businesses returns up to 3 & ½ times more money into your own economy. So with the Christmas season fast approaching (did someone say 8 weeks? Eeek!) Why not head on down to a local haunt to stock up for family and friends. Think of it like karma, you put a little out and it’ll come back to reward you.

JB xx


My favourite Perth locals:

Ginger Owl in Scarborough (great mix of Australian designers for any price range)

Chinta in Doubleview (for unusual home-wares and gifts – a coffee in their famous garden is always worth a visit too!)

Urban Records/Depot in Leederville (records, funky clothing & comical gifts)

Lost Souls in Claremont (custom gowns and local Perth designers such as Jonté and Zhivago)

Ethel & Leo in Claremont (where you can get your own rad bananas!)

2 Responses to “Support Local, Shop Local

  • Great article J! Super relevant around this time of year when everyone starts to go shop mad.

    Ginger Owl and Chinta are two of my favs! Super reliable for gifts or for self treats 😉 it always helps when there’s caffeine available too haha as you say. Milk & paper next to ginger owl is the best – please say you’ve tried it!

    Steph x

    • Juvelle
      3 years ago

      Hey Steph
      Sorry for the delayed reply – exams…
      Milk and Paper make such good coffee, of course I have been! 😉 So excited they now have coconut milk! Yum!
      Hope things are well on your end!
      Juvelle xx

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