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If you have been following Instagram, you would have noticed a significant increase in selfie shots posted. It’s not because I have suddenly found a deep love for the “shameless selfie” it’s because I have decided to shake things up this September and try something new – documenting it all via Instagram.

This September I am going to be more daring and stylish thanks to Andrea Michelle of Fox in Flats and her Style Dare challenge. The concept is simple: take on the daily challenge and dare to dress differently from the norm (see image above). My norm is gym gear or jeans & a tee – not particularly exciting by any means. Andrea is kicking my butt out of it’s rut at just the right time too! September is fashion month no matter where you are in the world (including little ol’ Perth) and I am keen to try out some new looks in time for the fashion events later this months.

So September 1st started off in style with the all time classic: red lipstick. Monday just got classy! I must admit I rarely wear lipstick – only on special occasions so it was very much out of my comfort zone to wear it to work. But I did, and boy oh boy did I feel sassy! There is just something about red lips that makes you feel untouchable and unbreakable. And given the events that transpired on my Monday, I really did need that extra boost of confidence.


Tuesday = up do. Here’s a secret: I’m as uncoordinated with my hair as a 3 year old putting on Mum’s makeup. My experimentation can be messy – and not the strategically-messy-I-spent-several-hours-constructing-this-do messy but the wrong kind of birds-sleep-in-my-hair messy. Straightening with dry shampoo for extra an boost is as creative as I get. (When I chopped my locks earlier this year my hairdresser had to actually give me a tutorial on how to style it…) But back on topic, Tuesday loomed and I can’t say I was able to Harry Potter a fancy weave of braids. Nope, it was a middle part, low bun. And given I did it at 6am that was as good as it was going to get!


Off the Cuff was Wednesday’s challenge. This was more up my style alley. Boyfriend jeans cuffed several time with point heels. Comfy, easy and sexy. I was sorted for dinner with the girls.


Swishy. This I could do! Pleated midi skirt (we all know how much I love them) + cropped tee = outfit done! Thursday grocery shopping was never done in such girly fashion. But you know what? It felt good stepping out in more than basic denim. Plus the checkout chick at Woolies appreciated my swirly, candy pink silk as much as I did.


Extravagant Friday. Now I did mention earlier my staples are anything that can be sweated in or jeans, so extravagance? Not really hiding in my wardrobe. However, extravagant clothing I may not have, but an abundance of jewels I do. Layer upon layer upon layer of vintage and one off silver goodness. Black tee, you never looked so good!


So 5 days down and 25 to go – September never looked so stylish! Are you interested in boarding the September style train? Get creative and take on the daily style dare, it’s not too late & you’ll never look so good. Of course post your outfit to Insta and tag #foxinflatsstyledare!

PS don’t forget to check out the rest of my outfits to come on Instagram!

JB xx



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