#PerthGirlBoss 3: Caty Price

If you have ever watched the sports report on Channel 10 or Foxtel in the past or more recently Destination WA on Channel 9 than you would be familiar with Caty Price. I’ve had the pleasure to get to know Caty when travelling around India a few years ago and not only is she a greatly respected journalist but she is also one of the most down to earth and lovely people I know.

After working at Channel 10 for ten years Caty took the plunge and moved from the network to explore further ambitions and she has once again found her stride presenting for numerous travel and lifestyle shows. But there is more to Caty Price than that brilliant wide smile and being a great journalist. Luckily Caty was happy to open up so read below to get to know this multi talented woman that little bit more!


1. Did you always know you wanted to be a journalist and presenter?

Since year 11 I did, but I actually never wanted to be a presenter. I didn’t do drama or anything at school and public speaking would give me nightmares so I’m certainly not a natural performer. My dream was actually always to work in print so I guess broadcasting is something I’ve grown into but it’s taken a lot of hard work.

2. What is it about journalism that excites you?

I love being able to tell people’s stories and I’m naturally curious so that definitely helps! It’s also a real buzz being in a newsroom or out in the field when news is breaking – you’re kept on your toes all the time and two days are very rarely ever the same.

3. You have spent a large majority of your journalism career being immersed in sport. Has sport always been a passion of yours?

Yeah it has but very much as an armchair critic – I am hopelessly uncoordinated unfortunately! I grew up in South Africa where every Friday night as teenagers in summer we’d go to the Wanderers in Joburg to watch domestic cricket. I even had my first kiss at the cricket!


4. You are an ambassador for Perth Racing. What is it about horse racing that you love?

What’s not to love! It’s always such a good day out if you get a group of friends together, get glammed up and hopefully back a winner – which is sometimes easier said than done. It’s the perfect combination of sport and fashion for me.

5. Having been to many race days and cups, what do you feel are the “dos & don’ts” of dressing for the races?

My absolute number one rule is never take your shoes off – please ladies! Keep it classy… There’s nothing worse than seeing girls stumbling out of the races with smudged mascara and their shoes in their hands. As a general rule though hemlines are a little lower with not too much flesh on show. Classic black and white is always a winner but dressing for the races is also a great chance to be a little playful. Oh and don’t forget the headware – it’s a must!

6. You are a presenter for Destination WA and Explore TV – what is your favourite travel destination that you are been to and why?

Well I’m in the Irish countryside as we speak so I better say the Emerald Isle – It is such a stunning country and the landscapes are completely different to anything we have in WA. Closer to home, I take every chance I can to get down south for the beaches, surf and great food & wine. I also recently went up to Exmouth with Destination WA and I was blown away by the colours of the coastline and had the most amazing experience swimming with the whale sharks.


7. For the places you have yet to visit, what is at the top of the bucket list? Why?

I’d absolutely love to go to Cuba – It’s been trapped in somewhat of a time warp with cobbled streets and vintage American cars. The beaches look spectacular too but I can just imagine “people watching” for hours with the locals smoking ciagrs, drinking rum and salsa dancing.

8. What items are on your must have list when packing to go away?

First and foremost my camera! As much as I’m attached to my Iphone having a proper camera makes such a difference. Working on the road means I have to travel with a laptop and I use a Macbook air because it’s so light. I’d also recommend a good moisturizer because between planes and hotel air-conditioning your skin gets dried out so quickly.

9. What does your everyday style look like?

Mostly casual and pared back I’d say. Sometimes I think I’d like to take more risks but I can’t go past classic, clean styles like a good pair of jeans, boots and a cute white tee or rolled up shirt. In summer I live in bathers, denim shorts, summer dresses and plenty of colour.

Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 9.48.43 pm

10. You also work as a producer. What is it about producing that you love? Is it challenging going from in front of the camera to behind the scenes?

I love variety in my work so doing different roles keeps you fresh and helps expand your experience. I think in any job it’s good to try and see things from different perspectives.

11. You are clearly a very busy woman! What do you like to do in your time off?

With the more travel I do I value the time at home more so I try and catch up with family and friends as much as I can. During summer I spend as much time as possible at the beach surfing, swimming or lost in a good book.

12. What is the highlight of your career so far?

That’s such a tough question – I’m lucky there’s been so many! In sport I’d say being boundary rider for the Big Bash on Channel 10 or flying down to Margaret River in the chopper to interview Kelly Slater… That was a bit of a Hollywood moment! More recently being able to see some of the most beautiful locations in the world with Explore TV.

Margs iphone 003 (2)

13. Finally, what are your future plans and ventures?

We’ve got a busy six months ahead with trips to New Zealand and Canada and I’ll be launching a new travel website in the coming weeks. I’ve been freelancing for just under a year now and that was a major leap of faith to go out on my own so I’m not sure exactly what the next few years will look like but I can’t wait to see where that journey takes me.


Watch Caty on Destination WA and Explore TV – both are televised on Channel 9. However see what she gets up to behind the scenes (and in her rare off time) by following Caty on Instagram at @caty_price – but I warn you her photos will make you very jealous!


JB xx

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