#PerthGirlBoss 1: Jessica Bratich Johnson

Jessica Bratich Johnson is a woman of many talents – a former karate champion, wife and biggest support to her husband Australian cricketer Mitchell Johnson, mum to young daughter Rubika, ambassador for charity group Telethon Adventurers and (to round it all off) designer for her label ‘Jessica Bratich‘.

Jessica Bratich the label officially launched in 2011 and since then has had one success after another. With Jessica about to release her new Ambassadors collection on September 1st as well as showcasing her bags during TPFF, I was lucky enough to have the chance to ask Jessica a few questions about her and her label to gain further insight into what makes this remarkable woman tick and her bags such a success.

1. What was your decision behind starting your own label? Have you always had a creative side?

I had retired from karate and wanted to pursue another passion and I had an interest in fashion from working in retail, wholesale accessories and studying it at Tafe. Initially out of school I did a degree in Mass Communication but always felt it wasn’t exactly what I wanted to do so I went on to explore something more creative through studying design then fashion.

2. Jessica Bratich is predominantly a bag label – what is it about bags that excites you?

It is mostly bags at the moment however I am looking at expanding my jewellery range also. Bags I particularly like to design because I like the challenge of making aesthetics meet practicality.

Ambassador Simone Heng with the "Tara Boy Bag". Picture: Ryan Ammon

Ambassador Simone Heng with the “Tara Boy Bag”.
Picture: Ryan Ammon

3. Tell me more about Jessica Bratich the label – who or what inspires you & your designs?

Everything! It could be a passing comment from a friend to seeing something in the street. At present I have a big focus on lifestyle.

4. Who is the Jessica Bratich woman? (What kind of women do you design for?)

I like to design bags for different women with different lifestyles and I have particularly focused on this with my collaboration with my labels’ new ambassadors Lisa Fernandez, Alana McLean, Simone Heng and Angeline Llyod, by creating bags to suit each of their lifestyles.

Ambassador Alana McLean with the "Alana Clutch". Picture: Ryan Ammon

Ambassador Alana McLean with the “Alana Clutch”.
Picture: Ryan Ammon

5. Describe Jessica Bratich the label in 3 words:

I always find this a difficult question as I don’t think it can be defined in 3 words as its always evolving. However at the moment it would be confident, functional and unique as I try to keep to a strong JB aesthetic that stands out in comparison to other labels on the market.

6. Jessica Bratich bags are often edgy with different textures and metal hardware. Is this edgy look also in line with your every day style?

Yes I would say so I’m a bit of a mix of edgy and simplistic depending on the occasion. I am a bit of a tomboy and I’ve never been in to real pretty girly things so I much prefer an edgy look. I think as my personal aesthetic evolves so have my collections. I have definitely simplified designs as I’ve learnt what works best and what is most popular.

Ambassador Lisa Fernandez with the "Lisa Handbag". Picture: Ryan Ammon

Ambassador Lisa Fernandez with the “Lisa Handbag”.
Picture: Ryan Ammon

7. Which bag from your label (any collection) is your “go to” and why?

At the moment my go to is the “Lisa Handbag” as it is a very practical day bag with plenty of pockets, which suits me well having a 2 year old and having to fit plenty of stuff in it.

8. What type of bag should every woman own?

Definitely a good day bag cause these are the ones we use the most!

Ambassador Angeline Lloyd with the "Angeline Backpack". Picture: Ryan Ammon

Ambassador Angeline Lloyd with the “Angeline Backpack”.
Picture: Ryan Ammon

9. Most recently you brought out your Ambassadors Collection that features 4 influential Perth women as the ambassadors (Alana McLean, Angeline Lloyd of Love Thread, Lisa Fernandez & Simone Heng). What inspired the Ambassador collection and how did you choose your ambassadors? 

These women played a big part in inspiring the collection as they each help design a bag . I chose these women because they are successful, confident women who work hard but all have different lifestyles which is a good representation of who the JB label is targeted at.

10. Finally, earlier this year you brought out a jewellery range (including rings, earrings & necklaces) to add to the Jessica Bratich line of bags, scarves and caps. Do you have plans to expand your jewellery line further or into any other ventures in the future?

I’m going to increase the number of styles of jewellery and bags in the near future – however you never know what the future holds. I’m always open to expanding my label and exploring new things.

Jessica Bratich Johnson with her Ambassadors.  Picture: Ryan Ammon

Jessica Bratich Johnson with her Ambassadors.
Picture: Ryan Ammon

Do you want to see the range of Jessica Bratich bags up close? They’ll be making their way down the runway as part of the TPFF WA Designer Runway #2 on Saturday the 19th of September. Make sure to grab tickets at Ticketek before the sell out!

Can’t wait till then? Head to the Jessica Bratich website to get your hands on you every own Jessica Bratich bag.


JB xx

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