#PerthGirlBoss 9: Amanda Kong of Ivory Daze

When Rebecca Judd lists an Ivory Daze bikini in her top swimwear on the Rebecca Judd Loves Swimwear Edit for this upcoming summer, then you know you need to pay attention to this home grown talent. (FYI the bikini below in the Monochrome print was RJ’s pick). Amanda Kong is the designer behind Ivory Daze, a label that is proudly owned & designed here in Australia from high quality fabrics. And if that isn’t enough information to already having you love the label, Ivory Daze not only contains cute one pieces (that you’ll actually want to be seen at the beach in) but all the separates are mix & match swimwear meaning there is a bikini or one piece to suit any body and body type.

Running in Chanel was lucky enough to have the opportunity to chat with Amanda herself to find out what inspires her beautiful eye catching designs, words that are quickly becoming synonymous with the Ivory Daze label. Plus all information from her latest shoot with renowned photographer Christian Blanchard.

Ivory Daze Pursuit of Paradise shot by Christian Blanchard

Firstly Amanda, tell me a little bit about yourself?

I am originally from Sydney and have been in Perth for about 6 months now! I started out my career in buying for major retailers back in Sydney, and eventually started Ivory Daze as a creative outlet. It’s now become my key focus and I’m loving the journey!

What’s a typical day like (if such a thing is possible) for Amanda Kong?

Hmmm that’s tough. Every day starts with emails and a coffee. Then depending on what time of year it is or how far along in the season we are, I might have meetings with PR, graphic designers, stockists and manufacturers, or I might be creating mood boards and developing the range. Every day is so different!

Ivory Daze Pursuit of Paradise

Being a swimwear designer it’s probably safe to say you love summer. Where & how will you be spending your summer this year?

This will be my first Summer in Perth, so probably exploring the coast! I’ll also be heading back home for a few weeks over Christmas so there will be a lot of days spent by the pool, going to the beaches in Sydney and sun downers with friends and family. Cannot wait!

What are 3 things you can’t live without?

  • My puppy, Khleo
  • Sunscreen (slip, slop, slap ladies!)
  • My huge assortment of Ivory Daze bikinis.

Ivory Daze Pursuit of Paradise shot by Christian Blanchard

When you were looking at starting a label why were you drawn to swimwear? What is it about swimwear that excites you?

I started out as a frustrated shopper. One summer I couldn’t find a single pair of swimmers that looked and felt great, were a little bit different, fashion forward and could be worn in the ocean without slipping around. I kept thinking “If only they had this or that” so I eventually thought “Hey…I’ll do it!”.

Describe Ivory Daze in 3 words:

Best. Swimwear. Ever. (Laughs).

Ivory Daze Pursuit of Paradise shot by Christian Blanchard

Who is the Ivory Daze woman?

The Ivory Daze woman is confident, adventurous, loves to explore and travel and has a unique sense of style.

‘Pursuit of Paradise’ is your second collection from Ivory Daze – where did you draw inspiration from for this collection?

I started developing the prints and went from there. In terms of inspiration for my prints, I draw inspiration from everywhere. A piece of artwork, a beautiful garden of flowers, or images taken from my travels…

Ivory Daze Pursuit of Paradise shot by Christian Blanchard

Christian Blanchard, a renowned fashion and editorial photographer, shot the ‘Pursuit of Paradise’ collection. What was it like working with Christian?

Christian is lovely to work with. He shot my first season collection as well, so we have a nice working relationship. He is very focused and so talented, I just let him do his thing!

The shots at the Royal National Park in Sydney are stunning! What was the vision behind the shoot?

I had a collection of reference shots that I wanted to draw on for the shoot. There was a lot of focus on nature and when I showed Christian he straight away recommended we shoot at the National Park.

Ivory Daze Pursuit of Paradise shot by Christian Blanchard

I know it’s a tough call, but if you had to choose a favourite piece from the collection which would it be & why?

Oh so many people ask me this! I don’t know, I honestly can’t choose one!

Finally, what is coming next for Ivory Daze? Do you have any future plans or ambitions in the works?

Well, I’ve already started to think about next season! I guess the plans and ambitions are always to just keep producing collections that are true to the brand and that our customer will love. We are slowly growing the brand and are being stocked at some really exciting retailers, so I’d like to focus on continuing to grow the brand in the stockist space.

Ivory Daze Pursuit of Paradise shot by Christian Blanchard

Since Amanda can’t choose a favourite (every design would be close to her heart after all!) I’ll let you in on my personal pick – you can’t go past the Hamptons top & Portofino pant both in the Aztec print – which is no surprise given it’s got that sport luxe feel! To see & shop the full ‘Pursuit of Paradise’ collection head to the Ivory Daze website.


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