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I have been a long time buyer & happy customer at Nasty Gal for the last two years – shocker, me online shopping! Anyway, founder & CEO of Nasty Gal Sophia Amoruso recently released a book about her journey that lead her into creating the world of Nasty Gal and life lessons learnt along the way. Having heard the bio of #GIRLBOSS – a talented, sassy, take no crapola fashionista with a dumpster to millions story, needless to say I was pretty excited to get my hands on a copy.

I’ll say it straight up: if you are expecting a “how to be me” story you’ll be sorely mistaken. Sophia puts it bluntly – there is only one of her & you shouldn’t try to copy her (or anyone else) to be happy or make the big bucks, no you need to find your own dream and drive. You have to “Compete with yourself, not with others.” Is #GIRLBOSS a self-help book? Most definitely not, it tells you things you already know (deep down, maybe waaaaay deep down for some of us) and honestly there is nothing that Sophia writes about that is a brand spanking new philosophy.

So why should you read #GIRLBOSS? Well because 1) it’s just a darn good read. Sophia is my kinda gal (Nasty Gal – get it?!) blunt, to the point, sarcasm down to a fine art and a secret love for childlike-hehe-giggling dirty jokes (we all know the kind, yes I am talking fart jokes). The book is written like Sophia in exactly the same style so of course I loved it. Reading #GIRLBOSS was like having a conversation with myself or that close friend we all have. The friend that doesn’t care if you love that dress, she will tell you if it is giving you armpit boob anyway because she cares enough about you to stop you walking around with 4 boobs instead of 2 (Girls you know what I am talking about…) Even if her bluntness does hurt/shock you at the time, you know you are grateful that you have a friend like her. Because seriously, who wants to strut their fine stuff with what is equivalent to an udder up front?

But there is more to #GIRLBOSS than just great writing. It’s inspirational because you can relate to Sophia, had a sh*tty job? Yep we can all relate! But has did that poopy job teach us something? Sure did! Do I have aspirations for more? Yep, count me in! Sophia shares how she stumbled upon her genius that is Nasty Gal and how creative thinking and true grit, guts and a whole lot of wit can get you far in life.

Plus along the way Sophia gives further intel into why those little gems our parents told us really are true (just not in a boring way!) And why you should listen up! Savings anyone?

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Sophia went through that self discovery, awkward, what am I doing phase I went through/am still going through at the moment (read “The Start” if you haven’t heard my own self discovery – wink wink!) Her insight is the kick up the butt and self assurance I needed to know I am making changes for the right reasons and yes I can do this! Because why? I am a freaking, amazing #GIRLBOSS that’s why!

But I can hear you asking #GIRLBOSS what even is that?! Well to put it simply she is fierce (like Beyoncé fierrrrrce!), she is not scared to chase her dreams, she won’t take no for an answer, she doesn’t expect handouts but works hard to get where she wants, she doesn’t put someone down to get further in life but she helps when needed – even if it’s not her “job” to, she stands her ground, fights for what is right AND she does it all in style and class.

Image in #GIRLBOSS via Pinterest.com

So is being a #GIRLBOSS so elusive? No, like the book Sophia is already telling you what you are – you may just not realise your potential yet. So basically what are you waiting for #GIRLBOSS? I can’t tell you all the secrets or the best bits (I’d hate to be like those movie trailers we all hate!) So go out & get those pretty little hands on a copy of #GIRLBOSS (or if you are being fabulous in PJ’s head to www.nastygal.com) so you can better understand yourself or just how funny farty jokes can be (even to a woman with class, darrrling!)


#GIRLBOSS (in training)
JB xx

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