Nutrient Rich Fruit Water

Summer weather means picnics, parties and long days soaking up the sun at the beach (just remember to slip, slop, slap ladies!) and often during this hot months we consume high quantities of alcohol and fizzy drinks. While it’s nice to celebrate with something a little sweet in excess it’s not good for our bodies or skin (plus during the summer months when it’s scorching hot it enables the risk of dehydration).

So what do you do when you want to drink something yummy & fun but don’t want to cause your skin to break out or stomach to bloat? Mix up a fruit water. Fruit water is simple & easy to make, is great for your body (hydration plus the water becomes infused with added vitamins & minerals from the fruit) & the most important of all, tastes delicious.

Cucumber Water

You can make up any flavour combination that you fancy but I have put together some of my favourite mixes for you:

  • Pomegranate, ginger, lime & mint
  • Strawberry, lemon & basil
  • Blueberry & lemongrass
  • Pineapple, lemon & lime
  • Cucumber, lemon & mint
  • Orange & rosemary

Blueberry Water

Pomegranate Water

Pineapple Water

Strawberry Water

Want to feel like you are sipping on a fancy cocktail? Use natural sparkling water or for extra summer vibes switch in coconut water.


JB xx

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