Nourish Bowl

If your scroll through Instagram then you have surely bypassed a picture or 4 of colourful and tasty looking nourish bowl. But what exactly is this so called “nourish bowl”? It’s a quick and easy meal packed full of nutrient dense wholefoods to satisfy and nourish the body. Why are they so quick & easy to prepare? Basically anything goes! You can add just whatever is in the fridge and hey presto yumminess in a bowl!

There are a few rules though:

  • start with some complex carbohydrates to keep your brain functioning – brown rice, buckwheat noodles & sweet potato are my favourite options
  • load up with lots of leafy, greens – think spinach, kale, rocket, lettuce etc
  • add extra veggie goodness but think in colour, this is your time to add a beautiful colourful variety and array of vegetables – keep veggies raw for full vitamins & minerals & just throw in whatever is handy or you like
  • protein is a must for fit & active bodies and this is where your nourish bowl can be tailored for meat lovers, vegetarians and vegans – I love adding seasoned chicken but eggs, quinoa, beans, tofu and fish are all great options too.
  • for glowing skin healthy fats are next – avocado and nuts are always a winner but olive & coconut oil can also be used (combine with seasoning for a delish dressing)
  • lastly top with something for added flavour & nourish – citrus fruits, seeds, kimchi, shredded dry seaweed, it all works!

As you can see a nourish bowl can be tailored for every kind of taste preference or food intolerance/allergy (so that gluten free, dairy free, refined sugar free vegan friend is coming for dinner? No problem!)


My favourite nourish bowl incorporates Asian flavours and includes:

  • brown rice
  • a mix of rocket & kale
  • grated carrot & daikon, thinly sliced beetroot, grape tomatoes and mushrooms
  • miso poached chicken (make up a miso broth and cook the chicken in the broth until cooked through & tender)
  • mixed seeds
  • shredded dry seaweed
  • and lastly a make a super easy dressing of 1/2 tablespoon of melted coconut oil with a splash each of tamari and lemon juice







JB xx

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