The Rise of the Fashion Illustrator & MP Illustration

Fashion illustration popularity is on the rise, it’s the new photography. Instead of just waiting to see what photographers capture from the runway, audiences are waiting just as keenly to see what the top illustrators are producing from runway inspiration. But why the sudden popularity in fashion illustrators?

Fashion illustrators often capture clothes in a way that photography can’t. Their illustrations may not show as much fine detail as a photograph but fashion illustrations at it’s rawest form are works of art and as such creates emotional responses to the audience. Because like art, fashion is about creating an experience or to enhance a feeling in the audience or wearer and great illustrators are able to harness this energy in a way that runway or street style photography cannot.

MP Illustration

Maybe we have become desensitised to photography with the saturation of it through social media tools like Instagram and SnapChat creating the pendulum to swing to audiences wanting something more unique. And that is the the beauty of fashion illustration. Each illustrator has their own style, their own signature which is as unique and individualised as the illustrator themselves. You could see multiple drawings of the same runway look and they would all look different depending on how the illustrator was inspired, whereas photography is limited in this aspect.

Ironically illustrators are harnessing the power of social media as a platform to share their work with a wider audience enabling a renewed interest in illustration and newer illustrators to gain an active following.

MP Illustration

One of these illustrators is Perth based Michelle Pike of MP Illustration. While some illustrators choose pencils or pens to create their works, Michelle’s tool of choice is watercolours enabling Michelle to harness movement and flow in her illustrations.

Michelle loves to illustrate females and has perfected the art of showcasing empowered females – women that support other women, women who are proud to be fashionable, edgy and glamorous and won’t apologise for being so. You can’t help but be inspired by her art, inspired to be one of her beautiful and strong women.

Michelle has illustrated street style fashion and fashion runways, as well as most recently books, including the debut book from The Perth Collective founder Nikki Milne. However it is Michelle’s Fashion Illustration Workshops that really enables her to share her passion and skill with her followers.

MP Illustration

Michelle’s workshops cater for all ability levels, from beginners who haven’t done anything art based since primary school to the advanced and most experienced artist. Michelle not only teaches students how to use watercolours but also how to create beautiful fashion artworks – this means teaching how to harness the movement of fabric onto paper as well as more technical skills such as “lighting” (and as every fashionista knows lighting is everything!)

Michelle runs her workshops for a maximum of 10 people so you know you will walk away with hands on teaching and personalised feedback, so it is no surprise that all past workshops have been fully booked!

MP Illustration Workshop

Are you like me and interested in bringing out your inner artist? Then join me this Sunday (13th of November) for Michelle’s next workshop (where all levels are welcome). Email Michelle at to book your spot now – but be quick, the 10 available spots are almost all gone!


All illustrations are curtesy of MP Illustration.

JB xx



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