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If you read my last post you would understand I am on a path of self discovery, however that doesn’t mean that inspiration occurs through the most obvious means…

I recently arrived back home after 18 days spent in Brisbane, and needless to say I had a fair amount of “downtime” while I was there. Sometimes this downtime was productive and sometimes it wasn’t. It was during one of these less productive afternoons that I enjoyed a guilty pleasure of watching Cinderella – yes I am 25, yet sometimes have the maturity of a 5 year old I admit.

Yep, as you can imagine I was one of those girly-girls as a child complete with frilly, sparkly socks and an obsession for Disney – especially The Little Mermaid. I knew every song and could not get enough of Ariel and her life under the sea.  I can clearly remember the day I accidentally dropped my Little Mermaid tape (yes, a video tape!) on the ground and to my horror it breaking into pieces. So you can probably understand if this memory has stuck, I still to this day I have a soft spot for the Disney “classics”.

Now to some people (people I even know) Disney movies are a fantasy, spinning stores and telling lies to young minds that life is a fairy tale, that good always triumphs over evil and that you need not do anything to find your happy ending but wait for Prince Charming on his white horse (because yes, he always has a white horse!) I know friends that believe Disney movies go against “strong women” appeals – who says you need a man for a happy ending?! And yes, I most definitely agree that a man is not essential to your happiness (says the recently married woman…) but it is true. However, I believe Disney teaches children much more than a simple fairy tale story – actual lessons which I still find applicable to my life now (probably more than ever) and I will share these with you. Even if it’s so you too do not have to feel guilty by indulging in childhood fantasies!

Ariel – The Little Mermaid

Given this is my all time favourite I feel this is a good place to start. So what can we learn from Ariel? Well obviously making deals with strangers can go completely pear shaped (cheers Ursula!) but I think we all know the rules of stranger danger by now. No, the lesson I learnt from Ariel is that sometimes our parents may not always know what’s best for us. Yes my parents love me and brought me up with the values any good parent should but while I am a mix of my parents in ways, I am also unique in my own way. It is this uniqueness that means I differ in many ways to my parents and therefore I have my own dreams and expectations that need to be filled. I believe our parents are there to guide us and teach us, but there comes a point when you need to stop doing things to make them (or others) happy and start forging the way for yourself. There has definitely been times when my parents have not completely agreed in my choices but I’m lucky that they trust me to make the right decision for me, because ultimately it is my life and therefore my happiness – not theirs.

Cinderella – Cinderella

Like all Disney Princesses, Cinderella found her happy ending. It may have been through a glass slipper and a Fairy Godmother but she was happy at the end of the movie no less. As a child you would sit there watching poor Cinderelly and in a flash of bibbity-bobbity-boo her life was transformed into happily ever after. But as an adult did you ever think what Cinderella went through to get that happily ever after? Cinderella did not grow up in a palace, she didn’t have servants to do her bidding. No, she worked and she worked hard. Cinderella worked her little tush off scrubbing floors and doing someone else’s bidding. So why did Cindy get her happy ending? Because she deserved it. It’s the old story – you need to work hard for what you want, nothing in this life comes easy – and if it does it’s not worth having.

At the moment I am working hard for what I want. Since my last post I have decided to go back to further my studies and (hopefully) my career. Although at times you can find me whining “Why can’t anything just be eeeeaaaasy?!” in the end I know I will work for what I want – I am not your silver platter kind of gal. And I believe no one should be either.

Belle – The Beauty & the Beast

This one is for all you strong women that believe Disney puts back feminism in the dark ages. What does Belle teach young, influential minds? That women are intelligent and should strive to be too. That the idea of playing dumb and being pretty is not enough in life. I have no idea where the social misconception came from, yet there are still girls out there that somehow believe they need to dumb down their intelligence to get through life/attract friends/hook a boy, or even worse that pretty is everything. A pretty face is not the be all and end all – you can only get so far on looks. As life goes on pretty fades but a mind, wit and intelligence will stay with you. Nothing will get you further in life than quick wit and sharp come-backs and to do this there has to be knowledge hidden in your brain.

Belle was a “reader”, a nerd and I loved her for that. Getting your nose stuck in a good book? I could relate! And so should other young girls and women – we should strive for better knowledge, a better career. It is only when all women put social misconceptions behind us will we see changes filter down to young girls. Being knowledgeable doesn’t make you an outcast, it makes you a more whole, beautiful person. Because lets be honest, judging people by beauty alone can make you the “ugly one”.

Jasmine – Aladdin

Now I will be honest, Jasmine was harder to relate to. She seemed to have it all – riches, a palace and even a damn tiger for a pet! But even with all the money in Agrabah, Jasmine couldn’t buy what she actually wanted – happiness with Aladdin. So it’s that age old tale of money doesn’t buy happiness (not in the long run anyway – I am human, those new shoes? Yep they made me happy! But in ten years time? Not likely!) So for Jasmine to be happy she wanted street rat Aladdin as her hubby, but we don’t need to be so literal. Jasmine teaches us that money isn’t everything. At times money has inhibited my happiness. My first job out of uni was based on mine sites. This meant two weeks away from home, family, friends and my now husband with only “1 week” (aka 6 days in mine site terms) to see the people and places I loved. During the last census I was forced to declare my “home” as the mine site I was working on. Why? Because I spent more time there then I did in my actual home town of Perth. It was this one small gesture that made me realise what I was missing by being away so much.

But why was I sacrificing time with my loved ones? The answer was simple, because I was being paid more to work in the middle of nowhere with those typical blokey-bloke, miner men. I was one of those suckers. During that stage in my life dollar signs meant more. By putting the pay check first I missed out on momentous birthdays  and occasions, as well as anniversaries and holidays. It wasn’t until I quit that I realised how much it affected the people around me. My hubby had friends I hadn’t even had the chance of meeting because I was always away. The first few months back in civilisation meant many introductions starting off with “Ohhhh, so you’re Juvelle!”, “Finally we get to meet you!” and the worst of all, a joking “We thought you were make believe!” Yes, actually said to my face – ouch! So while I miss the money for Sass and Bide and Mimco bags, I know I am better off now by putting my future and relationships with friends & family first. Yep my parents were right (on this anyway!) Money in the long run isn’t  everything in life.

Moral of the Story

Hopefully now you can see while Disney movies are full of child-like innocence, catchy tunes and happily ever afters there are also old school life long lessons being taught – even as subtle as they are. So next time you are with your children/niece/nephew/cousins or even just catching up with the Disney Channel (ahem, like me) you can rest assured that your guilty pleasure is actually teaching you something of importance. Even among all that “rubbish” of talking tea cups and helpful mice!

From the “wisdom” of
JB xx



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