Life is a Runway


I was one of those impossible children growing up. When I was of an age when I couldn’t dress myself I would get upset if my frilly socks weren’t folded just so. When I did grow to an age where I was able to make my own choices, I would try on several outfits before settling on the very best option. Many years later, very little has changed. I still try on several options before finally committing to an outfit. And it is a big commitment. Trust me, you will always meet your nemesis on the days when you are in track pants and hair in badly need of washing… 3 days ago (ahem, no judgement here).

My Dad is full of old school, cliché sayings and often by my third outfit change I would hear the same quote filtered down the hallway to my bedroom: “Life is not a runway” aka hurry up! Can’t say I ever understood this saying when I was growing up, and although I am all grown up now  (ok in some ways) I still don’t understand it.

Life IS a runway – my runway. And there are plenty of supporters there to watch it. But that doesn’t mean they need to see the same old’ thing over & over again. Nor do I want to frankly. That may seem materialistic but in my own way I am. I’m not fussed about obtaining the most recent generation of the iPhone nor must a I have a super fancy car but I looooove fashion. Playing with new combinations to create my own style is my idea of fun.

Man style

Playing with “man-styles” earlier this week

The way I see it is that I spend hours keeping fit and cooking healthy meals. I do this to look after my body so that I am fit, strong & (the more important reason) looking my best. Clothing is the same. I take care in my outfits to help me look my best. (It just may take several outfits to find the one that does!)  When I look good, I feel good and that extends from fitness to my wardrobe. There is nothing wrong in flaunting what your mama (or excessive gym workouts) gave you!

As much as we feel that society has progressed in years, we are still judgemental people. You know it’s true. Every one sees what’s on the outside first before they get to know the awesome being underneath, and whether they want to or not their grey matter is going to judge what’s in front of them, so you might as well give people something to remember. Just think of it as an enhancement to your already fabulous personality.

JB xx

2 Responses to “Life is a Runway

  • Help! I am bored with fashion. I have a whole room dedicated to it and I yawn at the idea of walking into it and having to spend any time thinking about it. I am however very zesty about art and love those Zebras! Where did you shoot that photo?

    • Juvelle
      3 years ago

      Hey Chezza!
      Those Zebras are by local Perth artist Anya Brock and it’s located in Fremantle on the side of the café Ootong & Lincoln. If you love her art definitely check out her website:
      If you are bored with what you have it’s time to mix things up. We often get stuck in a “rut” and fashion is no exception (that’s why I’ve been undertaking a style challenge this month to help mix it up a bit). If you love what you currently have, try new combinations – you might surprise yourself by what works. If what you have is too yawn-snore to even contemplate trying new mixes I think it’s time to undertake a spring clear out. Bag up what’s too snoresville and give away to charity, thus leaving you with space to buy items that do excite you! And if this option sounds better, when out shopping go for bright colours, or great prints to stop you getting bored quickly.
      I hope that helps! xoxo

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