Leandra Medine Style How To: The Silk Scarf

If there was one trend that has been seen at every fashion week, from runway to street style, from New York to Paris, it is the neck scarf. This seemingly simple accessory is your key to cool-girl nonchalance and is perfect for adding a bit of drama and flair to an otherwise basic outfit. When Leandra Medine of Man Repeller has seen styling the silk scarf in multiple ways time and time again you know it’s a trend that is worth trying. Below are my 3 favourite ways that muse Leandra Medine styled the silk neck scarf.

Leandra Medine Scarf Street Style

The Bandana:

Don’t be fooled, the bandana isn’t just for Kentucky cowboys and bikies – a silk scarf folded into a triangle and tied behind the neck can keep up with the Paris FROW too. Just angle the triangle to the side or tuck into your shirt. A bright red lip and mussed hair keep the overall look effortlessly cool.

Leandra Medine Bandana Street Style

Leandra Medine Bandana Street Style


The Neck Tie:

A little less ranch-y, a little more sleek. Fold and roll your scarf until it represents a skinny scarf and tie it so it sits above the collar bone. Stop the neck tie from looking too constricted but showing some skin with an unbuttoned collared shirt or a scooped neckline.

Leandra Medine Neck Tie Street Style

Leandra Medine Neck Tie Street Style


The Pussy Bow:

Channel your inner Parisian (& Man Repeller) and give some flair to an otherwise ordinary collared shirt. Button the shirt all the way to the collar and tie your scarf into a fluid bow, making sure it sits under the collar. Give the look an edge with a leather jacket or distressed denim.

Leandra Medine Pussy Bow Street StyleStyle

Leandra Medine Pussy Bow Street Style


Don’t have a silk scarf? Borrow one from your Mum or Nan or buy one, it’s worth the investment as they’ll never go out of style! Try Australian labels Parque (available from from Clique Arcade) or Julie White.

JB xx

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