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I have a confession… I am addicted to the pain of my muscles burning and shaking. Yep it may sound a little sadistic but it’s not, it’s actually a fitness phenomenon called lagree and is available at LaFit Studio.

Owned by sisters-in-law Claire & Jaye LaFit Studio can be found at the prime location on Hay Street in Subiaco and is the only studio of its kind in Perth. Fitness fanatics and the style crowd travel far and wide to attend classes at the LaFit Studio (Rayne Embley is a regular) and Urban List Perth also just gave the studio a big thumbs up, so what’s all the fuss about?

Megareformer at LaFit Studio

Well to start Claire & Jaye have created a great environment to workout in. LaFit Studio is beautiful and tranquil – the studio is light filled and airy. At one end of the studio you can watch the hub of Hay Street through the floor to ceiling windows while the other end of the studio has a feature copper wall and hanging baskets of greenery.

But don’t be fooled by the scenery, that is where beauty and tranquility ends. LaFits’ motto of “sweat, shake and burn” is very fitting. At the end of the class you will be “ugly sweating”, your muscles will ache and your legs will shake just trying to put your shoes on. However don’t be turned off, it’s the sign of an awesome workout.

Megareformer at LaFit Studio

The reason lagree fitness is a such a great workout is that each class combines a whole range of exercises that increase muscular strength and endurance, cardiovascular health, balance and flexibility to create a full body workout. However what makes lagree different to any other workout you have tried is that it uses a mega-reformer (similar to a pilates reformer but larger, with two stationary platforms and several different types of pulleys & straps) and each exercise takes a total of 8 seconds (4 seconds out, 4 seconds in) for one rep to be completed.

The slow movement of each exercise means low impact on the body’s joints and (instead of your big powerful muscles overtaking) your slow twitch muscles have to work… hard, very hard! By engaging the slow twitch muscles and reducing the rest time (aka none, nil & zip) for a full 45 minutes means the intensity is high (in case you have yet to figure that out!) but the rewards are huge (800 calories burnt per class!). To put it frankly lagree fitness helps to build lean and toned muscle while promoting fat loss – pretty much what all us gals want from a workout!


I started lagree classes at LaFit Studio late last year and like I previously mentioned, I am addicted so much so that I became a member after my first week. I love that in only 45 minutes I get a great whole body workout completed – believe me, you will feel every little muscle working! (My tip: breathe and count those 8 seconds, it makes that buuuuurn bearable!) Also each class only ever has a maximum of 8 participants, meaning that your get frequent individual feedback on your technique and encouragement from the LaFit instructors (who are all friendly & highly knowledgeable by the way!)

So if you’re looking to change up your routine with something new or get the most out of your workout (or push your body to its limit like me) then I highly recommend giving lagree at LaFit a go! You won’t be disappointed, I promise!

Megareformer at LaFit Studio

JB xx

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