Keeping The Motivation High

As the temperature drops and the sun goes into hiding for longer our motivation for fitness can often be less than desirable (especially when winter fashion can help a girl hide any winter wobbles so well!) Yet it is during these coming winter months that our bodies can be prepared best for summer bodies – yes that catchy saying is very much true “summer bodies are made in winter”.

So to help keep your motivation to exercise high (when really all you want to do is hit the snooze button and cuddle into that fluffy, warm doona) here are my top tips:

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1) Be goal orientated

Often we focus on what we and are bodies can’t do. It’s time to change that. Focus on how much you can achieve now and more importantly where you want to go. Write down your ultimate goal and then choose a smaller goal that will help you achieve your ultimate goal (think of it as a stepping stone to the ultimate you). By focusing on a smaller goal it stops getting your overwhelmed and is more achievable – therefore you are less likely to become discouraged with yourself. Now put this “stepping stone” goal somewhere where you can see it on a regular basis (the fridge or mirror is a great spot) where you can be reminded and motivated daily. Once you achieve this first “stepping stone” goal make another “stepping stone” and so forth until that ultimate goal is achieved.

2) Make a scheduled appointment

It is not enough to just say “I’ll go to the gym tomorrow” in your head. Just thinking these thoughts is not actually committing to the act and therefore we can often break our good intentions without a second thought or little guilt. This is the first mistake. It only takes a few times to not following through with your intentions that can cause you to start bad habits and get out of routine – and we all know bad habits are hard to quit!

So it’s time to make an unshakable commitment to yourself and your body. When you sit down to plan out your week set aside a time each day to keep active. Think of it as booking an appointment (just like you would with a friend or lunch, a Doctor or physio) one that you can’t break or get out of. It’s time to start putting yourself and well being first, it’s not selfish to do so but courageous that you live every day with the ideal that you are worth the time and the care.


3) Grab a workout buddy

Still struggling to keep your exercise commitment? Make yourself accountable by working out with a friend. You can both help motivate each other, especially when you have those “I can’t be bothered” days. Make a pact to better each other, motivate each other and help each other reach your goals – be your own little Girl Gang.

4) Always be prepared

With the above being said often life throws out the unexpected, so make like a boy scout and always be prepared. Are you a morning person? It’s all about the night before preparation. Pack a bag with all the gear you might need, including your work attire, towel and post workout snacks. Also make the get up and go as smooth as possible by setting out your exercise clothing (who wants to think about what shorts are more appropriate for yoga at 6am?!) and pre-prepare a breakfast so you can just grab and get on your way (a smoothie is the perfect option).

What if you are the night owl and getting active appeals after work hours? It’s actually a very similar preparation. Pack up all the exercise gear you need and place in your car before you go to bed (you can’t forget it in the morning rush that way!) Don’t forget to include some snacks, a banana or muesli bar will travel well in your bag during the day and will give you that extra pep of energy you will need before you start huffing & puffing!

5) Pump the tunes

When we are weary from a long day of work or thinking about what is about to be a long day at work it’s hard to feel excitement for your “impending” workout. Turn that frown upside down and feel the good vibes with some kick arse tunes. Put together a playlist of all your favourite tunes that make you happy and little bit sassy. Play your happy tunes on the way to the gym, it will help change your mindset to one of positivity – you will own this workout!

JB xx

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