JB Date Night: Leederville Food Safari

Our favourite date nights involve spending several hours talking about anything and everything all while consuming as much food as we can possibly handle… More often than not our poor waitress is speechless over the amount we order and then proceed to inhale. Yep, we JB’s like our food.

Late last year I heard about Leederville Food Safari, a progressive dinner through the heart of Leederville all via your very own rickshaw, and have been dying to try it out ever since. Luckily now that it is the cricket off season such luxuries are viable now.

Hubby & I started the safari at Ria Malay Kitchen for entrées. The entrées are a share platter and change daily dependent on the whims of Ria’s chefs. Our entrées for the night were spicy edamame beans, watermelon with salmon, vegetarian spring rolls and chicken satay skewers. Needless to say, everything was delicious. The pick of the drinks? Ria’s signature Malay Mule – made with lemongrass vodka and homemade ginger beer, it’s the perfect drink to accompany the spicy entrées.


Our rickshaw driver for the first leg Aviary was lovely and happy to answer our questions on the ride to Kitsch Bar. Poor Aviary had probably heard all the jokes before, but he laughed along with Jason’s running commentary and our constant laughter.

We had previously ordered our Kitsch mains while devouring the last of the edamame beans at Ria, so it was only a matter of taking our seats in the Kitsch garden and perusing their drinks menu. While you could order the aptly named ‘red rickshaw’ cocktail, we kept the ginger beer theme rolling and ordered the Kitsch punch for two.


The novelty factor remains high with the punch being served in a tea pot, but while the tea pot may not be the most manly pouring vessel, it packs a punch of gingery goodness and goes down easily… too easily! Our mains consisted of szechaun chicken, lamb massaman curry, spicy green papaya salad and coconut rice. The chicken had been cooked over coals and was smokey and the spicy-sweet green papaya salad was the perfect accompaniment. While both these dishes were delish, it was the lamb massaman that was the dish of the night. The lamb was melt in your mouth tender and the sauce thick and creamy (if it was socially acceptable that bowl would have been licked clean!)

FullSizeRender (1)

After adding a few extra kilograms to our weight, our new driver Roger peddle powered us back into the heart of Leederville’s cafe strip for our final destination, Foam Coffee Bar. Here our stomachs found room for coffee, hot chocolate, the sticky date pudding with ice-cream and salted caramel sauce (there is always room for dessert!)


Dish of the date: lamb massaman from Kitsch – it would be a sin to not order this dish!
Fun factor: high – while we felt a little guilty that our drivers had to peddle us from one end of Oxford Street to the other and back, it was good fun and honestly highly amusing too.
Date worthy? Definitely! Putting the novelty factor aside, the food is amazing and worth the $75 per person price tag.

If you are looking for something a little bit different for your next date night (girls night or “man date”) then Leederville Food Safari should be at the top of your list. They run every Friday and Saturday night and can be booked through www.leedervillefoodsafari.com.au



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