In Bloom Perth Exhibition

If you didn’t head to the Many 6160 in Fremantle to experience the In Bloom exhibition on Wednesday night you sadly missed out!

In Bloom combined the best mix of local talent in fashion styling, photography and art. The exciting collaboration of Pippa McManus (artist), Caitlin Worthington (photographer), Rebecca Const (florist of Fox & Rabbit), Emma Bergmeier-Varian (stylist and blogger of Drop Stitch), Melissa Cook (hair stylist) and Rebecca Collins (makeup artist) made up the cool girl A-team that made this exhibition such a stand out.


Colourful, over sized floral crowns and sheer floaty fabrics were worked with pouty faces by model Narcisa Music in Caitlin’s lush photographs that then inspired Pippa’s reworked pastel perfections.

In Bloom was a world of whimsy that brought to life every girl’s childhood fairyland fantasies.


Luckily for you (if you did in fact miss out on this whimsical wonderland) the In Bloom exhibition runs at the Many 6160 (old Fremantle Myer building) from 10am to 5pm until this Sunday (Dec 14). So make sure to head on down this weekend!


JB xx

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