Well it’s Monday after a fun (too much) and busy (very) weekend, so I thought it would be a perfect time to share my love of exercise (it is my area of study after all!) What better way to kick off the start of a new week with a heart pumping, blood rushing workout? Exactly, there is no other way!

I have had many people ask me, since my first post, what I do for exercise. Well this post is for those people. This is a current workout I have been doing at the gym or at my local park, and I am loving it! It incorporates HIIT principles (High Intensity Interval Training) but with a twist. Rather than complete 1 minute of exercises followed by a 30 second rest I have elongated the time frame to 5 minutes work with a 2 minute rest. This means there is plenty of time to “perfect” technique as well as get that heart rate racing (aka increasing cardiovascular fitness – yay!) All the exercises are body weighted – meaning no dumbbells or weights needed, nor any fancy equipment. The workout I have been doing involves completing a circuit of exercises (12 reps per exercise) & repeating through each exercise for a total of 5 minutes. Each circuit comprises of lower body, upper body & core exercises therefore you will feel the buuuuurrrn everywhere! At the end of each 5 minutes have a 2 minute rest and then start again but on circuit 2. I then repeat both circuits (1 & 2) again  to complete a total of 2 or 3 cycles.

Have you got it? Did I make sense? Never fear, I will run through each circuit to make it as simple as possible! FYI: You will need a bench, chair, wall, low table, box (obviously not cardboard…) for some of the exercises.

But first take a look at some of the exercises you will try: HIIT Workout

Circuit 1: 12 repetitions of each exercise (12 per side for Russian Twist & 12 per leg for Mountain Climbers/Skater Lunge). Repeat until 5 minutes is up!

Circuit 1.1

Tricep Dips

Tricep dips are for all levels from beginner to advanced just alter the distance of your feet – bent legs & feet closer to the bench = easier, straight legs & feet therefore as far away as possible = harder.

Mountain Climbers

Remember to tighten your core (protect your lower back!) by drawing your belly button in towards your spine. Try not to arch through your spine as well – level/straight back is the key!

Russian Twist

If you are a beginner start with your feet on the floor – otherwise hold your legs stable in the air (bent at the knees). If you need further resistance you can add a weight (I do at the gym) or at home hold a filled water bottle.

Push Ups

Pretty sure we all know what a push up is! Just remember to hold your head in neutral and get as low to the ground as possible (feel those guns work!) Beginner? Start on your knees. Advanced? Complete decline push ups by placing your feet on bench or step.

Skater Lunge

This exercise is exactly as it sounds – you are off iceskating baby!  Don’t laugh, it is a great exercise for glutes & hammies – best way to get a firm tushy! Just bring the back leg as far across as possible and lunge downwards.

Keep going though 12 reps of each exercise until that dreaded timer dings! Phew, that is circuit 1 & 5 minutes of intense exercise done! Have a break & get ready for Circuit 2…

Circuit 2: 12 repetitions of each exercise (12 per leg for Lunge Ups/Spider Walk). Repeat until 5 minutes is up!

Circuit 2

Step Ups

This is an exaggerated step up movement involving a knee raise (bringing the leg up nice and high). For this exercise work on 1 leg at a time. Use your arms to help push upwards and work those quads! Advanced? Add in a hop at the very top position.

Pull Ups

Think of a rowing technique – this is pretty much what you’ll be doing. I have taken this exercise from a TRX workout I do but adapted it to be used at the park. Use the swings for this exercise. Beginner? The further your feet are away from the anchor point = easier. Advanced? Bring your feet as close to or directly under the anchor point (ie where the swing chains are attached). Remember to keep your body straight & stable – no swagging hips here please!

Tuck & Extend Crunch

Sitting on a bench or chair (if a chair please sit on the side – do not conk your head on the back!), start in a modified V sit from here extend both your torso and legs out as far as possible in a slow controlled movement. Now tuck back into the starting position. Got it? Keep going! PS yes you can hold on (lightly) for stability, but advanced? Let go of the bench!


If you do any exercise at all, always make sure you complete squats! Squats are a functional exercise for sitting, standing, walking, running – activities we do over and over through out every day so therefore it is important! Plus it is the best way to get a perky behind, so make sure squats are part of your weekly exercise program!

Spider Walk

Ok, I am going to be honest you will be testing yourself with this one! Starting in plank position, bring your left hand forward as well as your right foot. Lower into a push up & back up to level. Now moving forward with right arm & left foot! It will feel awkward, it will take practise! But I promise you will get the hang of it. Beginner? Leave out the actual push up and just complete the “crawl” movements.

Woohoo! Circuit 2 is done & dusted? Are you sweating? You should be! Now take a 2 minutes rest & repeat the whole cycle again (& maybe for a third time!) I’m not saying push yourself to absolute exhaustion – I do want you to be able to function the next day! I promise! So start within your fitness level and build up. Can you only do 1 cycle? No problem, keep at it & try to build up to 2 cycles. Same applies: if you can only do 2 cycles – build up to that third one. No matter what, as long as you are moving, sweating and puffing you are working your body & that’s what matters! Start small & build up to great things! Believe me, it will be a good workout no matter what!

So put on those bright Nikes & give it a go! What are you waiting for?

Let me know what you think, I would love to hear feedback!

Until next time, sweating it up
JB xx

PS Always, ALWAYS remember to warm up & cool down – light exercise for 5-10 minutes (before & after) such as skipping or jogging. Finish with some stretches too. We are trying to condition our body, not break it down after all!

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  • Thanks Juv I am exhausted reading on my Doubletree bed in Dublin. Maybe it is the Guiness!

    • Juvelle
      3 years ago

      Thanks Jill!
      Very jealous of your travels in Dublin! Enjoy!

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