Garb Exchange – The New Way To Shop & Sell Your Wardrobe

Trends change from week to week and our own style is ever evolving which often means our wardrobes quickly become filled with clothes causing the clothes we love & the clothes we used to love to vie for our attention. So what is a gal to do with all the clothes that no longer fit the current image or style (or no longer fit at all)? If you are like me often these unwanted clothes are in great condition (only having been worn once or twice) and you have your eye on something shiny & new, you want to sell some of the old to make way for the new. But eBay is tired (who wants to lose half of their hard earned money hussling that item on the wide world web?) and selling through Facebook pages (yeah Clothes for Sale I mean you) becomes tedious when your posting is instantly lost to the mysteries of the newsfeed page workings.


So what can you seriously do to make a little money back from that Sass & Bide dress or Manning Cartell skirt? It’s called Garb Exchange and it’s the new way to sell, rent or buy high end or on trend clothing. Garb is an app (free to download from the App Store or Google Play) that was inspired by the growing trend of people using social media to sell preloved clothing. Garb is based on your location and searches can be filtered depending on need (buy, rent or sell) meaning your scrolling time to find that perfect designer dress is now cut in half. Garb also includes a Watch List where you can keep your eye on your next purchase, a private chat feature to ask any questions of an item and you can follow your favourite sellers. You can even share to social media (Twitter or Facebook) to increase the ability to sell your preloved beauties.


However my favourite feature is its simplicity. To sell the same Sass & Bide dress it it took me 1 whole minute on Garb Exchange in comparison to 10 minutes on eBay. Garb is going to be the fastest way to cash in your closet and cut down on the clutter (so you can now say hello to new!)

garb_3_post item

So download the app from the App Store or Google Play & start looking (I’ve already put up half my closet on Garb!) So if you are looking for some great clothing at a fraction of the price Garb Exchange is definitely worth a go!


JB xx

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