Francesca Gnagnarella Summer Rising Exhibition

Francesca Gnagnarella, myself and Jess Pollitt.


On Thursday night Perth artist Francesca Gnagnarella presented her Summer Rising art exhibition in collaboration with fashions by local designer Jess Pollitt of Ethel and Leo.


The event was held at the Gnagnarella Living Space Concept Gallery in Fremantle, where Francesca’s apartment served as the gallery showroom. By using her own apartment as a showroom it allowed the “IT” people to mingle and flow from one room of the apartment to another, where each wall and available space was adorned with the pops of colour and luxe gold accents that are synonymous with Francesca’s stunning artwork. From sea greens and blues to muted corals and sand tones you could tell immediately that Francesca was inspired by the West Australian coastline.

My favourite happened to be the showpiece for the exhibition, a blend of vibrant pink, purple and orange with touches of forest green acting as a backdrop for a luminous golden triangle. This show stopper, along with many of the other exhibition pieces were paired with a designer piece from the Ethel and Leo 2014/15 Summer collection.


Clashing prints stood side by side. With anyone else the concept could have turned out oh so very wrong but the mix of print, colour, textile and silk just worked in fabulous harmony. When asked if Jess had created her designs after seeing Francesca’s artwork she laughed… apparently not! Francesca and Jess just had the same aesthetics and coastal inspiration. The lush prints of Ethel and Leo were a match made in heaven with Francesca’s textured beauties.

Of course being a little obsessed with all that is Ethel and Leo, it didn’t take long to fall in love with Francesca’s creations, so it’s no wonder I am dying to get my hands on a Francesca Gnagnarella original, when I am already a little obsessed with all things Ethel and Leo.

Did you miss out on the event on Thursday? Head to Francesca’s website to see her stunning Summer Rising beauties yourself.


JB xx

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