Fearless Active Wear

Long gone are the days when active wear is just worn to the gym or pilates, active wear has become lifestyle wear and the sports luxe trend is definitely not going anywhere any time soon. So it is no surprise that active wear is becoming a more viable and popular business venture so when the new kid on the block came onto the scene and were a local Perth brand I wanted to find out more. That new kid is Fearless Active Wear a boutique Australian active wear label created by local Perth boy Calum O’Connell. Yep, you read that right. Calum is a male creating active wear for females. However don’t make assumptions on that one little fact.

I have been putting Fearless to the test for the past few weeks over many intense, overly sweaty workouts and I am a happy customer. The gear is fantastic. The Fearless gear doesn’t lose it’s shape throughout my workouts and washes, and they are perfect fit – the tights don’t creep down during squats (yay!) all the while looking pretty darn fine too (I’m a sucker for the bright red snakeskin print!) So far I have been very impressed and thus wanted to know more. How could a local boy create such great active wear for us gals? Well read on to see my chat with the Fearless creator himself.

Fearless Active Wear

Calum, tell me more about Fearless Active Wear – what was the decision behind starting the own label?

Being a fitness professional I have seen some good active wear and some pretty average stuff. A lot of my female clients would hide behind their active wear and not show their true personalities. I wanted to blend my passion for health and wellness with my creative side and thus started Fearless Active Wear. I wanted Fearless to be an opportunity for women to feel comfortable, bold and positive about their body shape, while embracing colours and patterns that would normally create uncertainty.

As a male why choose active wear for females?

This is a question that a lot of people ask me….and I always say why not! I see it every day and discuss it with clients all the time. I don’t have a fashion degree, but a passion for being creative. I decided on womens active wear because as males we don’t think about what we wear to the gym. However for females so many thoughts are running through their head about matching colours and patterns with their feelings on the day.

Who is the Fearless woman?

The Fearless woman is Strong, Driven and Fierce. She loves her body and is not discouraged by judgement. She wears active wear that suits her personality and loves standing out from the crowd.

Fearless Active Wear

Fearless is full of bright colours & prints. Who or what inspires you & your designs?

A lot of my inspiration comes from the environment we live in. Perth has always been my home and the summer vibe always inspires me. I think in Perth we are open to being different and creative. When I think off Perth it’s sun , sand , fun. I’m always looking for patterns and colours that represent where the brand is from, I don’t want to follow the pack, but be bold and different.

Describe Fearless Active Wear in 3 words:

Fierce, Fun and Bold

There is an increasing sport luxe trend in women’s fashion, do you believe active wear is only for the gym?

Not at all, I think it’s now becoming a part of the everyday wardrobe for a lot women. It creates more demand for new styles and designs. Which is great for brands like us!

Fearless Active Wear

The Fearless Active Wear prices are really affordable. When creating the label was affordability a priority?

Yes, I didn’t want Fearless to be an out of pocket experience for the buyer. I believe our range is made to the highest quality and it is very competitive on the market. We want our brand to be known for quality assurance. I couldnt think of anything worse than paying $100- 200 for an item that you throw away after 3 months.

What is your favourite Fearless print, why?

My favourite print would have to be the Ruby style. The snake skin print is eye catching and I love the bold colour.

Finally, what are your future plans, ventures or ambitions for Fearless Active Wear?

I want Fearless to develop into a well-respected brand nationally and internationally through quality of production, ambassadors and its philosophy’s. As a brand we want to keep empowering women to live fearlessly through our range, but also encouraging positive change through their lifestyle.

Fearless Active Wear


JB xx

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