Bodyweight Blast

Just because it’s holiday season and you have travel plans doesn’t mean that your work out routine has to take a back seat (you know, that one in the very back row right next to the toilet…) And don’t worry, you can keep your whole baggage limit for your fabulous fashion finds – my workout involves no equipment! Hooray, more holiday shopping!

This circuit workout targets your whole body and you only need 30 minutes – enough time to help combat the damage done over Christmas, but little enough not to interrupt all of your New Year’s plans.


  • Squat (feet slightly wider than hip width)
  • Tricep dip (narrow hand position, elbows pointing behind)
  • Lunge (quickly switch feet)
  • Push ups (hands shoulder width apart. Knees or toes depending on strength ability)
  • Side lunge (step out wide to the side, drop down via bending this leg’s knee while keeping the other leg straight. Swap legs over)
  • Plank with scissor legs (start in plank formation, with elbows on the ground, and take one leg out to the side then back to the middle. do the same with the other leg. Too easy? Scissor both legs in and out at the same time)
  • Pulsating bridge (feet should be hip width apart. Lift hips up to form straight line between knees, hips and shoulders. Pause in top position and slowly lower)


Bodyweight Blast Pic


Complete each exercise for 1 minute with 30 seconds rest between each exercise. Complete 2-3 rounds depending on fitness ability.

JB xx

2 Responses to “Bodyweight Blast

  • Amey Oke
    3 years ago

    Yet another masterpiece 🙂 Thank u. Did u draw those pics? just for curiosity

    • Juvelle
      3 years ago

      Hey Amey
      Thanks for the kind words.
      Yes I did draw those stick figure masterpieces! Haha

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