#3DKC Exhibition

This coming Saturday (17th January) Perth’s bespoke lingerie label Karolina Couture by Karolina Stysiak is collaborating with British born photographer Andy Faraday to showcase an intimate 3D photography, film and art exhibition called #3DKC Exhibition.

I was lucky enough to talk to Karolina ahead of the exhibition night about her, her label Karolina Couture Lingerie and the #3DKC exhibition.

#3DKC 2

What made you decide to start up your business Karolina Couture?

I personally found it hard to find beautiful, delicate handmade lingerie when shopping for myself in Perth and since studying fashion design I had always wanted to start my own fashion label. I knew the value of having a niche product when starting a new business and also being passionate about your products. So it was a natural progression to decide to make luxury lingerie which allows me to be really creative and design feminine pieces from high quality silks and European laces and trims.

What is it about lingerie that excites you?

I love that gorgeous lingerie makes you feel fantastic when you wear it. It gives confidence, is flattering and makes you feel really sexy. And nothing is more beautiful than a confident woman.

What/who inspires you and your designs?

I am really inspired by textures and colours that I see in nature. I love looking at unique fabrics and components. If I find a fabric I love, I will design specifically around it. I also love 1940’s dresses and lingerie as they were so glamourous and elegant.


Photo: Natalie Blom

What kind of women do you design for?

My target market is 25-45 year old sophisticated women that value quality fabrics, elegant design, detailing and themselves. But I have had customers outside of this market that love the look, feel and exquisiteness of the products plus that each piece is made in WA.

Describe Karolina Couture in 3 words.

Feminine, exclusive, sensual

On what occasion/s should your designs be worn?

I think Karolina Couture Lingerie can be worn every day of the week. My range includes pieces that although are still made from beautiful lace, are more casual and can be worn day to day. The more delicate and decadent pieces are perfect for a romantic evening, anniversaries, wedding nights, honeymoons, Christmas, holidays or weekends away, and Valentine’s, or for when you simply want to feel incredible.

Every woman should have a ______ in her wardrobe.

Suspender. It adds another dimension to wearing only a bra and knicker set. Instead wear this 3 piece ensemble with thigh high stockings and heels and prepare to look incredible.

Thrilled Corset and Thrilled G-String

Photo: Natalie Blom

 I love the idea of combining fashion and photography on a personal and intimate level – how did the collaboration with Andy Faraday come about?

I wanted to have a gallery exhibition to showcase my lingerie and celebrate it as an art form in a public forum. I thought it would be great to collaborate with a complementary artist or creative and was introduced to Andy. I met up with him and discussed the idea and it has evolved ever since to become the #3DKC Exhibition.

Have you always been a fan of Andy Faraday’s work?

After hearing about Andy I had a look at his work online and he showed me his viewmasters and some of his photo when we met. I loved the 3D interactive aspect and uniqueness of the viewmasters and also how he captures natural beauty so effortlessly.

Tell me about #3DKC – what should we know about the exhibition?

#3DKC is an exhibition that invites the viewer to engage with lingerie, photography, art and film in new and exciting ways. I will be premièring a special Karolina Couture Lingerie film project on the night as well as some limited edition couture lingerie pieces. Andy is displaying work from his New York ‘Paramour’ show which includes 35mm film and stereoscopic photography. Andy’s viewmasters and latest photographs feature Karolina Couture Lingerie captured in remote and breathtaking locations. Part proceeds from print sales will also be donated to Mantherapy.org, a wonderful organisation that assists men to discuss issues they are struggling with and seek mental health assistance.

Medievale - Compressed

Photo: Natalie Blom

 Lastly, what’s coming up in 2015 for Karolina Couture?

2015 is set to be a busy year. Following the #3DKC Exhibition, I am shooting an international editorial photoshoot, launching my new collection and will be a guest designer at a boutique client lingerie evening leading up to Valentine’s Day. I’m also planning on expanding my stockists and possibly going on a research trip overseas.


If Karolina’s designs tempt you, head to the #3DKC Exhibition between 6.00 – 9.00pm on Saturday 17th of January at Studio 281 (281 Guildford Road) Maylands.

Want more information on Karolina’s exquisite lingerie or the #3DKC exhibition? Email Karolina at info@karolinacouture.com.au or via her Facebook page

I’ll see you there!

JB xx

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